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Hi Fellow Corvetters,
Last weekend, we had the "All Corvette Gathering" in Sparks, NV at John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino/Hotel. The venue was great, the rooms nice, food great and the hotel went out of their way to make us feel real welcome for our first event at this hotel. All other "Gatherings" have been at other hotel/casinos in Reno and Vegas.

They gave us the entire 5th floor of the parking garage, which was covered and that's the top floor so it was closed to public parking. We hired hotel security to watch our Vettes on Friday and Saturday night along with a locked gate so noone could even drive up on the 5th floor at night. That sure allowed everyone to sleep easier. We were able to have a quick Show and Shine on Sat. am and then a 160 mile poker run, where it is rumored that some exceptional speeds were acheived along the way.
I also was able to put my Vette in the lobby for the entire 4 days that I was up there, which kept it quite clean. In fact, my wife made it a point to ask in front of everyone at our Sat. night banquet as to why I got the preferred parking and she had to park in the "South Forty" referring to the parking garage. I could only answer by telling the truth that age and rank has it's privledge. Needless to say I'll probaly never get to touch that body again in my lifetime...LOL LOL LOL :rolling: It was in the lobby primarily to let the hotel patrons know that we were there and to come up to the garage and see all the cars and assist us by voting in the People's Choice Show & Show.

The entire weekend was alot of fun and went quite well EXCEPT........on Thursday while I was in the lobby cleaning my car, I was approached by a gentleman who began to tell me that he had a Cobra (Kit Car) and that they (Cobras of America or something like that) had just had their Cobra event at the Nugget a few weeks prior to ours and that they were given the entire 5th floor of the garage also.
But he pointed that there was one big difference between our 1st event at the Nugget and their 2nd event at the Nugget and that was that they had filled every parking space on that floor plus they had to park down the center because they had 200 Cobras there. He did state that their 1st event only had 50-55 Cobras.
He laughed and then stated that it was sad that we could only get 47 Vettes to show up for our event and that it was even sadder that "America's Only True Sports Car" could only get 47 to attend. He said you'd think that we'd have alot more since CA and NV is full of Vettes and as proud as we seem to be of them, that we could fill the garage floor easily, to which I then had to actually laugh. I told him it wasn't from lack of posting it on the Corvette websites, emailing all the Vettes I have addresses for, etc, but it seemed like sometimes people were just afraid to get away for the weekend, attend just a fun, social, lay back "Gathering" of Vettes for a fun weekend. The only other reason I could think of is that it's not put on by any "Sanctioned Club" and there is no "Points" for winning at the Show and Shine. We only had one Vette from the local Vette Clubs. Most of the cars come CA but we do get some from out of state.

When I told him there was another "Gathering" the end of Sept. for all Corvettes, the "Summer's End Vette Gathering", he pretty much "Threw Down The Gauntlet" with a challenge and said he would be curious to see how many showed up for that event and if we could even get half of what they had attend. After putting these events on for 7-8 years, in Vegas, Reno, Sparks and Auburn, CA, statistics would show that we probably can't since we only hit 100 once and that was just Red Vettes alone. Makes no sense, but the stats speak for themselves. I do have to say we do have many couples who come to every one of the "Gatherings" if not at least 2 of them a year. They say they enjoy seeing old friends each event and getting away for the weekend.
For those who might be interested, go to and you can read about the events, see pics of all previous events I've put on since 1997 and if interested, you can print a Registration Form off the website, register join us.
There is actually an event for Black and Red (any Red) taking place in July (Checkerboard Vette Gathering) and is explained on the website. Hope some of you can maybe help make this "Cobra Kit Guy" take back his challenge.
Thanks for your time and sorry this was so long.
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