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Code PO300

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Anybody had any experience with code PO300?
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I'm assuming you have a '96 w/OBD.

PO300 indicates a "random/multiple cylinder misfire detected". Is that the only code you have? No PO301 - PO308 codes? Those identify the particular cylinder (if a particular cylinder is detected).

If you don't have additional codes, then you may be on the way to having a failure in the Optispark system.

Have you observed any performance issues with the car?

Yes, it's a '96 LT1. No, no other codes thrown. I had been having what I thought was an electrical problem, but it appears to have been a bad fuel pump. The car never stumbled or coughed when the engine light came on.
Did the code go away after you installed the new fuel pump, or did the code show up after you replaced the fuel pump?

I replaced the fuel pump last weekend and the code showed up last night. I had never had that code show up before and after clearing last night, it hasn't come back up. I've put about 30 miles on the car since last night (daily driver).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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