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Codes or No Codes?

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Greetings all...
I have a 93 convertible. Yesterday my car started flashing "SYS" on the trip monitor. This annoyed me but the car was running good. I was on my way home and the car just died going through an intersection (some really fat slob in a beat-up station wagon full of kids started laughing histerically, I got pissed but realized how he probably wished he was in my position, car running or not, so I laughed histerically too) after coasting through the intersection I was able to start the car as though nothing ever happened. The car kept flashing "SYS", so I checked my codes (with a paperclip) but could only get a code 12 out of it. The "SYS" message is gone, and the car starts and runs fine. It is scheduled for a trip to the dealer this week, but I was wondering if anyone might have a lead as to what this may mean, or what I should be expecting to hear.
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Code 12 is the norm..

How old is the battery?
I suggest taking your battery somewhere to be load tested. I am guessing that might be your problem.
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