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Comp gray or chrome wheels with RED?

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Trying to decide between V Red with chrome wheels or V Red with the Comp Gray wheels. I seem to lean in a chrome direction, but am warming up to the idea of the comp wheels. Cost is not really a factor. I like the style of these wheels though and want to make sure they show up. What do you guys think?
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Just not a chrome guy myself but the comp grays look awesome!

Comp Grey rules!:partyon:
is there anyway we can see them in both ways someone out there can do it with there computer would definetely like to see before i judge thanks but i think chrome:thumbsup:
chrome and red look the best

take it from some one who knows:laughing:
Chrome is so "2006". This is the year of bad ass gray! :partyon:
comp grey is what I have on my 2005 C6 and they look great. But I have been thinking about chrome. But I am talking about SHOW chrome. Gentleman you haft to admit you can not compair a regular chrome job to show chrome. If you have ever been to a ISCA ( international show cars of america)event ,then you know what I mean. Now let me see a show of hands who agree. And be honest guys. :partyon:
Get the silver painted and go aftermarket :thumbsup:
MKV. Your car really looks serious. That's a pretty good argument for comp grey. Be nice to see such a good shot of one with the chromes. Anyway, nice car.
Here is a shot of mine with gray wheels.

THIS IS YOUR ANSWER ! :thumbsup: Comp Grey is Bad A$$:D
Comp gray is sexy, refined, and rare. Chrome is flashy and feminine, IMO.
Chrome wheels with dark tint!!! Someone photochop that damn pic and let's do a vote. Feminine... NOT!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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