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Before I start off I first have to thank Jim @ Halltech for the incredible deal on these C6Z06 pads and calipers, Andy @ Street shop Inc for his hours on the phone and his patients with working out the kinks with the rear set up for these calipers, and Jeffvette for supplying the front adaptor components for this swap!

The beginning!
C6Z06 Calipers, pads, and rotors off of a 2007 Z06 from Jim

C4 to C6z06 caliper adaptor brackets, including all needed hardware from Jeff!

I didnt take detailed pics of the front because its quite self explanitory, But remove the factory caliper, caliper cradle, and rotor. Replace with the Z06 rotor, bracket, and then Caliper. A 15" long brake hose must be used, the fatory hose IS NOT long enough.

Completed front set up.


Since the C4's factory Ebrake set up is incorperated into the caliper there are very minimal options for rear brake upgrades. I had been tossing around a few ideas on ebrake set ups... Starting with maintaining the factory rear caliper ONLY for the purpose of the ebrake or possibly purchasing a secondary SMALLER caliper to use only as ebrake again... Though those ideas are plausible I felt that it was a little cumbersome looking and could be done better... I started asking around and found out that Street Shop Inc was in the process of creating backing plates that utilized the factory C5/C6 ebrake set up and use a "big brake" style caliper all to fit the C4 suspension. After meeting at Corvettes of Carlisle and seeing the product I decided to go for it! And so it started!

The street shop inc backing plates that included ALL of the C5/C6 factory Ebrake components installed. Also came with a Locar Universal Ebrake cable set.

Factory C4 brake set up.

Remove the factory C4 caliper and rotor set up.

Then remove the cotter pin, safety nut, and the axle nut. (NOTE: be sure to keep track of the shims behind the axle nut. I needed to add one to my drivers side. The passenger side used the factory ONE shim.) Next I sprayed the ends of the bearing bolts in penetrating oil.

Remove the bearing by removing the three 55T torx bolts from the inside of the knuckle. I straightened the axle shafts for easier access to the bolts by cycling the suspension with my floor jack. Be sure to pick up the suspension from a stable place! If the jack slips while you are under the car that spring will unload FAST! and Im sure do plenty of damage. SO BE CAREFUL!

Removing the bearing and the caliper mounting flange.

I purchased new bearings to use because if you are there you might as well replace them! (I used Timken units)

NOW reinstall the new backing plate then bearing, proper amount of shims, axle nut, safety and cotter pin... The rotor, and caliper. You will now ALSO need a 15" brake hose to rear the caliper properly.

Now the ebrake cable set up was a bit confusing because of the logistics of the factory C4 ebrake cables. First challenge was installing the cable in the new backing plate. It was interfering with the ABS sensor. Because all of SSI's cars are custom chassis they dont usually use ABS so a hole needed to be drilled 3/4's of an inch closer to the rotor to allow for a straight shot for the ebrake cable to grab the ebrake shoe horn. Here is a cell phone pic of the interference between the cable and the abs sensor.

After that was sorted out its just routing the cables from the new backing plates to the existing cable attached to the ebrake hand lever! I used a couple simple Cable clamps from the local hardware store. They are simple and inexpensive! If you have the means of a swaging tool, permenant cable clamps will do the trick too but I didnt want to purchase a swaging tool just for this one use.

After that you will end up with a completed brake system! Remember to properly bleed the brakes!

Some FAQ's
Will the factory Master cylinder be adequate? So far from I can tell the factory C4 Master Cylinder has handled the Z06 components. If the car is a track only car it may be wise to invest in a larger MC.

What size rims do I need? The rims I went with are factory STYLE C6 Z06 rims, sizes 18x9.5 and 18x10.5. NOT ALL REPOP C6Z06 RIMS WILL FIT! You will have to ask the manufacture IF the rims you are purchasing will clearance a Z06 caliper.

Happy motoring and happy stopping :D Hope this helps some of you out! :rock:

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