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Considering coupe partion without tray

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Considering coupe partition without tray

I've seen So. Car Parts partition with tray. I have also seen another partition without a tray from a non-supporting vendor in a link to a post here. Not sure if I can name a non-supporting vendor but wondering if anyone has purchased a partition w/o a tray and liked the product?
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I can't help you but hopefully some one on the forum can, or maybe one of our vendors will hop on this and give us some info.
I purchased the one without the tray from Southern Car Parts for my C6. It is a quality/sturdy peice. The color match is great. The only beef I have is whe the partition is in place, I can't stow the roof. The partition must be laid down.

Check out the thread below, and look for my post. I sent Patrick a link to a non-DC vendor in response to his question/thread. Since he was asking for "Innovative" ideas, I took a chance. This vendor offers a partition that does not have a tray, and will allow stowage of the roof while the partition is in place.

As a rule, I always try to support our DC Vendors first, but sometimes all the options are not covered.
I just installed the partion and the tray along with the carpet on my Z06 it looks great and the fit and the finsh is nice. Southern Car Parts has done a fine job on this combination:thumbsup:
fieldskr - That is the one I saw. I found it interesting and was wondering if any one had any first hand knowledge about it.
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