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Got this from --->

"This offering is an 8 inch by 10 inch RC silver print picturing the unusual Corvette wheel stander "Fugitive 2," against the famous "Little Red Wagon." It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway on April 18, 1971.

The featured match race of that Sunday pitted these two quick wheel standers. The unusual photograph shows both cars perfectly aligned and at the same exact angle. Bob Perry, the driver of the Fugitive 2, can be seen sitting where the Corvette engine would normally be, head in front of the windshield. He had an advantage off the starting line with a very trick shock absorbed wheelie bar set up, but Bill "Maverick" Golden's blown and Hemi powered "Little Red Wagon" had more on the top end and would slowly drive by. They made three 10 second, 125 MPH passes, and each was decided in the lights by inches. The crowd went nuts.... three times!"

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cool pic.....might want to post it over in C2 also :D
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