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look under, catalog, chevy head gaskets)
I have been useing SOLID COPPER HEAD GASKETS for years with aluminum heads on iron blocks (WITHOUT (O)rings) If your surfaces are strait and true and you correctly install them they work fine, now keep in mind that you MUST run high concentrations of anti-freeze and an anode in the radiator sure does not hurt to prevent electrolosis from causeing problems but I have never yet lost a head gasket and that includes nitrous use on several engines. now they sure are not your only option but they are a good one. btw I totally clean and degrease the block deck and head surfaces then spray the head gasket wet with COPPER COAT GASKET SPRAY then install them tacky wet and torque them down in 5LB stages to factory spec
RADIATOR CORROSION INHIBITOR Prevents overheated radiators caused by rust, scale and corrosion. Save money on needless flushing, repairs, anti-freeze changes, special additives! Zinc anode slips in radiator filler neck and neutralizes rust/corrosion-causing chemicals. Lasts for years. NOTE: Not for radiators with plastic tanks."

BENEFITS OF COPPER HEAD GASKETS 1. Conductivity. Copper is the standard by which all other conductors are measured. Therefore, a copper gasket provides superior thermal conductivity and stabilizes head and block temperatures which makes tuning easier. 2. 25% coefficient of elasticity. One of the properties of copper is that it stretches before a catastrophic failure, thereby providing an extra measure of safety in case of severe detonation. 3. Strength. Copper (in the form we use) has a tensile strength of approximately 32,000 psi, compare this to the 1,200 to 1800 psi tensile of most facing materials used on conventional performance head gaskets.

Yes, they can be reused several times as long as there are no signs of failure, such as carbon tracking or corosion damage if they are carefully cleaned before reuse.
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