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Hi guys,
i was gonna install B&B shorty headers and Corsa Pace Car exhaust on 1997 C5, but also considering a x-pipe. So which one would be best regarding these front end and rear end pieces? Gonna get new stock cats also (last longer than hi-flow ones and lose only couple of hp performance wise as i understand).
How much cutting and welding will be involved in such a installation? And as tune up bonus should i get new O2 sensors also when already there? What about rear ones?

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I would say if you want to do it right then ditch the shorty headers and
the new oem cats you want to buy and the corsa X pipe and put all that
toward full length headers with cat'd x pipe.
The price of the shorties, new oem cats and x pipe should be the same or
more then a set of Kooks, LG etc with cat'd X pipe on sale and about the
same labor to install.
Do it right the first time and you will be happy and with the Kooks/Lg etc
and Corsa no welding or cutting needed!

Unless the O2 sensors are giving you a problem there is no reason for a change
use that money for a aftermarket dyno tune and you will truely be :D .
I did mine with these mods and a Callaway intake and its amazing the difference
in power and fun!
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