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Corsa Ti exhaust?

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I am just curious, if Corsa plans on making a Ti exhaust for the Z06. Anybody know? I can't seem to find anything on it.
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June 7 just recived my corsa exhaust for my 06 Zo6 and have not heard any thing about it .This exhaust is there latested teck and is tuned for the Zo6.:partyon:
I really like the look/sound/weight of titainium though. The Corsa Ti exhaust for the C5 Z06 was awesome :)

I will email Corsa now, and see what the say.
Hello Jason,

This is Bob Flores at CORSA replying for Jim. He is currently out of the office.

At this time we are not planning to build a Titanium system for the C6Z06 or any of the other Corvettes. Due to material availability, cost, design and labor involvement, we have decided to work within the area of all Stainless Steel. The C5 as you mentioned was Awesome and had a distinctive sound and is a real work horse.

Sorry I do not have better news for you on this one. We will be working on the 2008 Corvette systems as soon as we are able to put our hands on one.

Thank you for your interest and comments on CORSA.


Bob Flores

Well there is the answer... Unfortunate I think. We should all start a thread asking Corsa to make this exhaust :) It sounds like sex on wheels. Not to mention any other added benifits.
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