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Corvette car show May 27 at the Zimmerman Automobile driving museum , el segundo California.

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Thought some in the So cal area might enjoy a heads up about this event.

It's not a big museum , and has an admission charge of 15 dollars for adults , 5 for kids , 10 for seniors, but the corvette event is free and outside, spread over three parking lots next to the hod rod garage site, with plenty of parking and metro link access. They have a band and venders, and is easy to find, in an industrial area that is largely deserted on the week end, so easy street parking , often right across the street, is available for this low key event. When I went there were meticulously cared for corvettes from every year, except the first, and some very purposeful drag cars. The museum has an ice cream parlor/gift shop that can be accessed from the event.

Inside the museum is a mixture of rotating displays , but they have some nice stuff. My favorite is a big white Packard that has at times led the rose parade, but you have to get a docent to enter the showroom where that level of cars hang out, but you can walk right up , no velvet ropes. the museum has a website. I once saw a collection of antique spark plug electrodes displayed there , from before the design had been settled , that reminded me more of cattle brands that spark plug tips, because of how far they extended and the odd shapes .

The automobile driving is actually old automobile riding , and only happens on Sunday.
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