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For those who don’t know, we just completed our first full year as participants in the Corvette Challenge series. We had a Series of 7 races planed in the Midwest this year. We finally had a nice day for some racing at Race 7 of the Corvette Challenge on October 19, 2003 at Byron. These are the results of the day. Other races and further information can be viewed at .

Round 1 Action:
Kevin M. of Plainfield earned a bye run in round 1 for getting a .511 reaction time in the dial runs.
Al D. (from DesPlaines) in a White 91 ZR-1 red lighted out to Steve V. of (Hoffman Estates).
Fred H. (driving a Red ZR-1 from Elmhurst) red lighted out to Don H. of Carol Stream.
Joe S (of Norridge) eliminated Phil K. (of Schaumburg in a red ZR-1).
Brian H. (of Elmhurst) knocked out race 6 winner Bret L. (of Indianapolis, IN and his consistent running 89 coupe).
Mark H. (of Elmhurst) took out Kevin W. (of Glenview driving a 02 yellow vert).
John R (Cary) survived a double breakout against Ben O. (in a Mag red coupe from La Grange).
Kevin M. (of Naperville in his Admiral Blue ZR-1) broke out against Kevin F. of Rockford.
Troy F. of Rockford in the Sunset Pearl Orange Monster broke out with an 11.20 run to Scott S. of Rockford.
Patrick (from Gurnee) NAILED that Red light (.320) in his Grand Sport to give Matt T of Grayslake another win.

Round 2:
Kevin M in the Yellow 03 Z06 and Don H red lighted out. Brian H. in his White 91 ZR-1 went down to the red C3 driven by Kevin F. or Rockford. John R (in his 00 pewter) got edged out by Scott S in a close race. Scott’s .548 reaction time earned him a bye in round 3.
Matt T. hits a .598 light which was enough to hold out off Joe S. that ran an 11.69 against an 11.60 dial in a Black 98 coupe.

Round 3:
It was Mark H’s. turn to red light in a Red ZR-1, giving Matt T an easy ride to the Semi Finals.
The Polo Green LT1 driven by Steve V. ran a 13.49 against a 13.44 dial for the win against the Red 79 driven by Kevin F. of Rockford.
Scott S. pulls of a .541 in his bye round to earn him ANOTHER bye run in the semi’s. Nice Job Scott!

Round 4:
While Steve V. hit ANOTHER 13.49 on a 13.44 dial, Matt T broke out with an 11.731 run (on an 11.76 dial).

Only 2 cars left! At the line in the Tower lane is Steve V. from Hoffman Estates (in the green 94 LT1 dialed in at 13.44). Lined up in the Byron Hill lane is Rockford’s Scotts S (in a silver Vert dialed in at 12.9).
Although Scott runs a consistent 12.923 (12.9 dial) against Steve V’s 13.53 (13.44 dial) it was not enough to make up for the .779 light!!! ZZZZZZZ at the Tree!

Steve V. of La Grange wins a close race over Scott S. of Rockford to become the Corvette Challenge Race 7 Bracket Winner.
Randy and Ronald Woods had the fastest Corvette of the day. A 10 second LPE ZR-1 that they drove to the track that ran during timed runs!
Kevin M. of Plainfield got the best a reaction time with a .511 light.

GREAT RACE GUYS. That was a very exciting way to finish out our first official year of the Great Lakes Corvette Challenge.
2003 GLCC Points!
I also would like to announce that Matt T. of Grayslake, IL earned enough points during the season to become the 2003 Great Lakes Corvette Challenge points champion! The points championship is based on consistency through out the season! Congratulations Matt!
We Plan to get Matt a 2003 Great Lakes Corvette Challenge points champion plaque to add to all his trophies!
Here are the rest of the top 10 points holders in order! The rest of the points holders WILL be posted at .

1) Tomlinson Matt 11
2) Mckiou Kevin 10
3) Panzer Bill 8
4) Languell Bret 8
5) Mike Peterson 7
6) John from Glenview 7
7) Reese John 7
8) Don Horne 6
9) Van Dine Steve 6
10) Scott S of Rockford

See ya all at Chevy Vettefest!!!!

ALSO: A H U G E THANKS GOES OUT to our Title Sponsor
D I G I T A L C O R V E T T E S . C O M.
Thanks Patrick to your contributions and participation in this event!

P.S. I am sorry this was posted so late! I do not have access at work and my home connection was down for a few days (aol arrrrggg)!

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Great review Don.
I would like to thank you for all your hard work this season.
I met a lot of great corvette people during the Challenge.
I would be happy to help out in some capacity next season.
I had a great time, and thanks for the award.
See you at Vettefest and don't forget the Drag Race Expo in January!!
Thanks again!

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