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The German-American Corvette Club
06 June 2006​

Stationed / Living in Germany? Looking to join a Corvette Club?

Here's a little information about The German-American Corvete Club, Baden-Wurttember, Germany

The nucleus of our club in located in Heidelberg, Mannheim, but we have members from as far away
as Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, and K-Town.

Our club is somewhat “unorthodox” in design and organization from most Corvette Clubs; in that we don’t charge our membership fees
or monthly club dues. Nor do we electe club officers, e.g., president, vice president, etc., etc., and it’s all by design.
We’re just a group of folks that enjoy owning, driving, talking about, and showing off the only true American Sports Car; our Corvettes.

The club was started by Chuck Broten (Orange Krush) and John Lee back in July 2001. The club started from meager beginnings
with only four (sometimes five) active members showing up at meeting. Since then we’ve grown to over ninty (90) members
on the rolls and growing.

1. MEMBERSHIP: What are the requirements to join our club? Well, first and for most you have to own and drive a Corvette
here in Germany. Wives or Husbands of members may also join as members also as long as they drive the (Family)
Corvette every now and then. When you join the club you are presented with an official club “Membership Certificate”.
We also have club pins available for purchase @ $4.00 each (as shown at top of this page).

Currently, our membership consists of folks locations from all over Germany; Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, and

We are an International Club with both German and America Corvette owners as members. We welcome anyone to join our club that drives
a Corvette and wants to become a member.

> CLUB BUSINESS CARDS: If you’re interested, we can also provide you with a “template” that will enable you to print personalized “Corvette
Owner Business Cards”.


> MEETINGS: In March 2006 we conducted a membership vote on the monthly meeting schedule.
Results of the membership vote is to conduct our monthly meetings on Saturdays each month at 1200 hrs.

So, effective 1 April 2006 all of our monthly meeting will be on third (3rd) Saturday of the month normally at 1200 hrs. This can be modified due to
Special events, holidays, or membership decision.

> MEETING AGENDAS: There is no set agenda for our meetings. During the meetings we’ll have lunch drink a little beer
or wine, talk a lot about our Corvettes, any upcoming events / cruises (road trips),
or just about anything anyone wants to talk about. All in all, we have a pretty good time!

Normally, at each meeting we try to remember to designate someone or ask for a volunteer to coordinate and organize the next months meeting. Occasionally we forget to do that, but it all works out. Somehow we seemed to pull it together by that 3rd Thursday or Saturday of the following month (Hooah for e-mail).

> MEETING LOCATIONS: Because we’re an international Club, we normally look for locations off of a military installations to conduct our meetings. This allows so our local national members access to the meeting location without the need to be signed on an installation or requiring an escorted to and from the meetings. We change the meeting locations from month to month just so we won’t get bored going to the same old place all the time.

Some of the meeting locations have been pretty nice, but a location doesn’t have to be fancy.

> WHAT’S IMPORTANT: Parking is very important for a meeting location! We need a place with a good size parking area, good food, good beer, and not too hard for everyone to find is also important ! Easy to find, because some of us are “Navigationally challenged”!

2. MEMBERSHIP ASSISTANTS: Occasionally, on weekends or whenever, some of our members will get together and help one another work on their Vette, change oil, install headers, exhaust systems, etc., etc. We also pass along helpful information on where to get repair work, warranty work, or any other kinda Corvette work done, e.g., engine MODs, bodywork, or whatever.

3. ATTENDING MEETINGS: A lot of members aren’t able to attend meeting every month due to military duties, school, or other commitments and this is understandable. All we would ask is you remain in contact with the club and actively join in and participate in our club activities, cruises, events, and meeting when your schedule permits.

4. GUESTS: We encourage members to bring guests (wife, girl friend, boy friends, someone else’s girl/boy friend, whatever) to attend the meetings. We have had a few spouses attend, but normally you can’t get a spouses (unless they drive a Corvette too) interested in Corvette stuff much less get them to a meeting, however they’re welcome just the same.

5. CLUB EVENTS: Normally during the Spring and Summer months is when most of the Corvette events take place, but there are a few in the fall/winter as well. We also have what is called “Short Notice Cruises” in that the cruise was not planed in advance. It just might be a nice day for a “Corvette Outing” and some members will call around to see if anyone wants to go for a day cruise somewhere.

6. COMMUNICATIONS: E-Mail seems to be the best way to coordinate and stay in touch with each other. When you become a member I will add your e-mail address to our Corvette Club Group E-Mail list. If you’re not ready for that right now just let me know and you won’t be added to the list until you say so. Some of our other members have their own Corvette Club Group E-mail lists as well, but some may not include all of the membership.

7. Club Webpage:

Our club has its own Club Website: . Log on and check it out.

8. The club also has “Club e-mail” capability and is available to all our members. With a “club e-mail account” (and it’s free) club members can communicate with anyone, anywhere that has a valid e-mail account (other that a classified government e-mail account) ! The “club e-mail” uses it’s own servers, so there is no charge/fee for use.

9. Closing Comments: Again, our club does not elect club officers or charge dues or fees to become or be a member. And by no means am I the “Official Corvette Club Membership Coordinator” or anything like that ! I’m just a member like everyone else ! I just like talking about Corvettes a little more that the others members I guess. . . !

10. Well, that’s about it. We’re glad you’ve decided to join our ranks. We’re always looking for New Corvette Drivers to join the club and if you have any questions you can e-mail me at this address:

or give me a call at (Cell) 0162-6927206 or (Home) 06221-301139. I hope to see you at our meeting(s) which is now on Saturdays at 1200 hrs.

11. Again, the locations change and will be announced something during the month (via) e-mail or telephone if not during the current meeting. Hope to see you at the next meeting. Remember. .“Corvettes aren’t just a car ~ They’re a life style”!

“Welcome New Member”,

Cecil E. Davis Jr.
German American Corvette Club
Of Baden-Wurttemberg
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