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It would appear that the good boys at Corvette Racing are up to their old tricks — decimating their opponents on the track in preparation for Le Mans.

Their recent test session was fruitful, indeed: Corvette topped the charts despite the intense competition in GT1, with driver Jan Magnussen posting the fastest lap for Corvette Racing (3:49.207) with 22 minutes remaining in the session, shading the second-ranked No. 007 Aston Martin of Enge/Herbert/Kox by 1.641 seconds.

Now we’ve learned that the Corvette team isn’t going to make it any easier on the Aston Martin crew off the track, either. Aston team boss George Howard-Chappell hurt his back earlier in the week and was forced to leave his car at the track overnight.
Bad idea.

The sleuths at Corvette Racing found old George’s car and, well, took it upon themselves to make a small modification (seen above). In the words of Corvette Racing’s manager, Doug Fehan, “It didn’t take the boys long to make sure Ol’ George had all his bases covered for the race!”
Make sure to tune in this weekend to watch the C6.Rs defend their championship against various Aston Martins, Saleens, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis.

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