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Off topic.. was told to post here.

Purchase a motor from COWard and he failed to install a oil pan gasket. After $30K custom install and paying $5K for the motor we got to watch Mobil One Synthetic spray all over months worth of custom fabrication work immediately realizing we have a mystery box on our hands.

After I purchased this LS3 engine from COWard he called me a few days later and asked if I would like him to build a 6L80 transmission for me. He knew I was looking to purchase one and said he would need $2,000 up front. I said sure.. okay. Fourteen months later no transmission, no parts, no work done doesn't answer phone calls. Then he calls my shop in CA and begins to tell the shop owner working on my Jeep that I am a POS and he should not work on my vehicle. My shop said whatever dude go away. Anyway I had to get the Westcheser County Dept. of Consumer Protection involved and eventually got my money back (most of it less $350) and COWard got 4 X $1,000 fines. Now I am dealing with this new issue of having to possibly rebuild the engine to check seals and specs.

DC, please take my warnings seriously guys and gals.. COW$H!^ should be in Prison for what he is doing to people. I have had multiple other customer from his shop calling me and they all have their own horror stories like one guy having a car in pieces at COWard's shop and COWard will not even answer his calls. DO NOT EVER GIVE COW$H!^ MONEY UP FRONT.. EVER!!!
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