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Onyx Black said:
Some have new, some old, some fast, some cruise....

Why did you get what you currently have?:huh:

First, I must preface with a story. I originally had a black 1986. I loved that car. At least until it was rear ended by a Camry rental unit. Sitting stopped in traffic. Saw her first, coming closer in my mirrors. Couldn't get out of the way. THEN she saw me. The rest can only be described as what Lake Michigan looks like when you step on it just when it starts to freeze (you guys near Chigago will understand this). Anyway, the settlement was enough to pay for a 1989. After about a year it had engine trouble. Actually, what it had was a number seven cylinder full of coolant. Trust me, you don't want this.

While having the engine completly rebuilt, my wife decided that she would surprise me by having the car repaired and delivered for my 40th birthday. But as luck would have it, the mechanic couldn't complete the work in time. But he DID offer my wife the opportunity to BUY the 1994 he had for sale.

I have a 1994, thanks to my wife.
Is that great, or what?

(I sold the '89)

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