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Wednesday August 17
• Two tours of the GM Heritage Center (additional tour can be added)
11:00AM & 1:00PM (subject to change)
Each tour limited to 140 Corvettes. Ten Dollars admission (cash only)
Each tour last approximately 1.5 hours
• The Meet & Greet at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield Hills, Mi starts at noon. The DJ Eric will be there to greet you
During the Meet & Greet 50/50 raffle tickets will be sold.
There will be additional second place prizes awarded
• The Radisson Hotel will be selling food
• Kim’s Gold Dust will be there with her jewelry
• Muskegon Brake will have a display and information available
• Greg Banish, Automotive Engineer and Author will hold a seminar
• 7:00 PM the 50/50 raffle will be held.
• There will be door prizes given out throughout the afternoon
• 7:30 PM the police will show up to block Woodward so we can start exiting the parking lots
• 9:00 PM After dropping off our donations at the Open Hands Food Pantry we will head to the MOOSE PRESERVE on the corner of Woodward and Square Lake Road for a party. The restaurant will give separate checks.

Thursday August 18 TOUR DAY Times will be announced later, multiple tours will be available
• Katech Engines 30 people limit each tour
• AAT Advanced Automotive Technologies 20 people per tour
• Spectre Werkes small groups multiple tours
• Race Care Replicas small groups multiple tours
• Party at Hooters Rochester Road and Big Beaver

Friday August 19 Open House at GM PERFORMANCE BUILD CENTER
The plant manager is awaiting final approval for this tour. Times will be announced later. If you own a Z06 or a ZR1 you will have a chance to meet the builder of your engine. When attending the tours at the Build Center all safety rules will be in force. No sandals or open toe shoes allowed.
Unfortunately we will not be able to tour the Lingenfelter Museum.
I am waiting on confirmation on tours to the following
• Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
• Ford Rouge Factory Tour
• Automotive Hall of Fame
• Walter P. Chrysler Museum
• Morely Chocolate Company
Many of us have been to the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green and watched cars produced at the rate of 15 per hour. I thought it might be interesting to see trucks made every 49 seconds.
Why Morely Chocolate? My wife Verna loves chocolate.
In the next couple of months I will be sending notification of additional tours and other suggestions of what to do.
While all of this is going on you will be right in the middle of the World’s Largest Automotive Event, WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE. Every day is a car show. Every night is a cruise night. If it is on wheels you will probably see it here.
Harlan Charles told me he plans to bring some of his team to the Radisson on Wednesday and will bring some cars.
Please remember that with all of the tours, parties and Corvettes this is really to bring everyone together to help support the OPEN HANDS FOOD PANTRY. I am asking everyone to help me by donating food or money or both.
Thank you,
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