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Hi All,

For the past week, my 1996 C4 LT1 has been throwing a P0336 code, upon engine start-up. If I cleared the code, it would not cause the DTC light to come on, again, until I restarted. Everything ran fine.

After research, I decided I'd let it go until I had time to be sure the CKP harness was well away from any ignition wires. Yesterday, I rerouted the CKP harness away from all ignition wires and the light still illuminated. Additionally, yesterday, as I drove the car, engine performance got worse and worse. Accelerating from a stop, the engine would "flatten" as soon as the accelerator was depressed and would then, eventually, pick up again (timing? / mixture? / fueling?). I also noticed my engine temperature started to climb averaging 10-15° hotter and my gas consumption increased. Eventually, it got so bad, I dropped the car off at my mechanic's garage.

From the research I've done, it seems the CKP on my '96 LT1 is only there to detect a "misfire" and shouldn't affect engine performance. I should be able to unplug it and the engine should still perform as usual (with the warning light illuminated). I don't know this to be true, it just seems to be the general consensus.

I can't find much information on the CKP in the FSM, nor on line. I need some knowledgable assistance, please!

John G.
St. Petersburg, FL
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