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Cruise control MIA

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Has anyone had a problem with their cruise control dying? We took a long weekend trip and as we got rolling to head home this morning, I discovered the cruise control would not engage. No dash light, no nothing.

The car ('07 C6 coupe) has just about 3,000 miles on it and this was our 1st out-of-town weekend with it. I guess if the worst the shakedown cruise could muster was a dead cruise control, I'm lucky.

When I got home I checked the owner's manual and found a 2A fuse marked CRUISE SWITCH under the passenger kickboard. I pulled it and it had continuity, so I reinstalled it. I took the car for a quick test-drive but the cruise still wouldn't engage.

BTW, most of the fuses were not securely installed, so gave them all the onceover.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had experience this, and if there's a quick fix.
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I haven't seen this with a Corvette, but my old 99 Grand Prix GTP did have a similar symptom. The issue with that was that the brake switch needed to be replaced. Basically, the brake pedal was going down on its own ever so slight, just enough to disengage the cruise. If it wouldn't kick in, I'd have to put my foot under the brake to lift it up a little, then cruise would work. Maybe give that a try so you could at least point the dealer in the right direction when you take it in?

Also, as the brake switch or whatever wore out more and more on that old Pontiac, eventually the brake light would stay on even when the car was parked in the garage. I usually noticed when it was on, but one night it turned on by itself and I was greeted by a dead battery the next morning. I was not happy.
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This happened on my 07 on a trip. Didn't work for two days. I pulled the fuse, checked it out and reinstalled, still didn't work. On the return trip I tried it again and it's worked ever since. My buddies 07 never worked and he had it at the Bash and the GM guys took it to the plant for a couple hours and it turned out to be a loose connection under the dash near the steering column. My guess is it's (on his anyway) the connection from the turn signal lever to where it plugs into the wire harness under the dash. Have the dealer check out that connection. Good luck!!
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