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The CTEK Battery Charger is the smartest battery charger on the market, period.....Included as an OEM component on many high end cars, it simply cannot be beat when you compare features/price to other chargers on the market. It is outdoor certified, small enough to mount anywhere on your car, dust proof, shock proof, spark proof, and get this-->reverse polarity protected (smart enough to know if you have the red and black wires reversed ;)

The CTEK is one of the few battery chargers you can leave connected to your battery while it is connected to the car without risk of damaging your vehicles computer. You can leave it connected for months and months without worry of damaging your battery as it is constantly conditioning your battery instead of just keeping it charged.

We have sold hundreds of the CTEK brand chargers for the last few years and have been able to negotiate a great price for an awesome charger.

Check it out at the link stock and ready to ship! Trust me, no other charger on the market even comes close to this one and our price is hard to beat. Lots more information and informative video at the link below.

Note: Use coupon code "ctek" during checkout for additional discounts.

CTEK Battery Charger

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