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diesel1456 said:
Hi does anyone know of any sites that have corvette's with some really radical paint jobs. I am looking for idea's.
Thanks Rich
Hey Rich! Welcome! :buhbye:

I assume that since we are in the c4 section, that you want C4 pics?

We have a ton of C4 pics in the gallery. There are some wild customs... flame jobs... ghost stripes.... chromallusion. You'll
have to do some digging though!

What are you looking to do?

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custom paint

Hi everyone yea i have a 89 white conv.with a black top and that's where the problem comes in i don't want to change the color and i don't want it to look to japish with a graphic kit. I was looking in the race car section and didn't see to much, maybe when i get more time i will dig through more of the pic's on the gallery. I even have the pro paint shop on my computer and i blow the pic up of my car and try to get idea's that way to but so far no good,
Thanks for the help
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