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Hi All,

I am trying to determine when a specific cylinder head was available on a production vehicle.

All of the restoration reference materials that I have state that the 1956 Cheverolet/Corvette cylinder head, part # 3731762 as used on the 225hp 2 x 4 carb motor was introduced in mid to late 1956, but I also have documentation that states the 225 motor was available in the passenger car on Feb 16, 1956.

There is also a fellow who swears that his friend has a 762 head with a January date code....confusion!

If the 762 head was not available until late '56, what cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds were used on the Feb passenger cars?

I know that the 1st design '56 Corvette 2 x 4 motor used the 3725306 head, 3728725 intake manifold and rare 2 bolt flanged rams horn exhaust manifold 3725563, but supposedly the 725 manifold and 563 exhaust manifolds were never used for the passenger car.......a can of worms.

The 3731762 heads were used in conjuction with the 2nd design intake manifold 3731394, and exhaust manifolds 3731558 and 3731557 right/left all with ports larger than the 1st design stuff!


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