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In this video, I show what I use to deal with scuff marks on the textured interior pieces of my Corvette. The textured surfaces are coated with some type of lamination and a lot of cleaners and devices that people use to scrub those panels with can remove that coating. The coating assist in making the cleaning of those textured surfaces easier. The way the magic erasers work is that they remove scuff marks with no soap whatsoever. However, that makes them somewhat abrasive. By adding plain soap, you cut the harshness of the cut and make it more tolerable. This somewhat prolongs the cleaning but drastically cuts down on the possibility of removing that lamination on these panels. Whatever you do, do NOT use any harsh household cleaners with these erasers as the can eat right through them.

For those wanting the technical name of this stuff, it's called Melamine foam and has a long history as a soundproofing material for studios, sound stages, auditoriums, and the like.


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