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They are pulling out all the stops.. :crazy:

The Florida Democratic Party today said it made an "oversight" when it included Republican congressional challenger Allen West's Social Security number in an attack mailer.

West, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, in a nationally watched race, called the mailer "an unprecedented new low in American politics."

The Democratic mailer, echoing TV ads Klein's campaign has run, blasts West for an $11,081 tax lien from 2005 that was paid off four months later.

The lien notice was pulled from public records in Indiana and is reproduced in the mailer with West's wife's name removed and his address blacked out. But his Social Security number is visible in a column that says "Identifying Number."

The nine-digit number is not specifically labeled a Social Security number in the document. But West campaign manager Josh Grodin says there's no mistaking what it is.

Although the mailing came from the Florida Democratic Party, West and Grodin blamed Klein for it.

"I understand politics is a tough business. I expect to be challenged about my ideas, my beliefs," West said in a fund-raising e-mail to supporters. "But Ron Klein has clearly crossed a line. I'm not yet sure the potential damage that might come to my wife and me, and it makes me sick to think of what could happen to my daughters. My entire family is at risk of identity theft."

Said Klein spokeswoman Melissa Silverman: "This was a Florida Democratic Party mailer, and they have made clear that they will take appropriate action to rectify the situation."

Silverman didn't answer an e-mailed question about whether Klein's campaign consulted on or knew in advance about the mailer.

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff called the inclusion of West's Social Security number an "oversight" in a statement that included a barbed apology to West.

"After making every effort to remove all of Allen West's private information, unlike West who refuses to apologize to Florida's taxpayers for not paying his taxes and his bills, we apologize for the oversight of not redacting this information from the public record included in the mailer," Jotkoff said. "To end, while this mail piece does not explicitly identify any Social Security number, in order to stop the crazy West accusations, we will pay for identify theft monitoring for the next two years."

Grodin said late today that West has been talking to lawyers about the possibility of legal action over the mailer.

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I hope he sues the crap out of them and uses the funds to win the race.
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