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Development has (at least) started on the ZR1

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At least 4 ZR1 (2 coupes and 2 Verts) development cars were caught out in the wild with several Z06s, an Eray and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS trying to keep up with them. As most of you know this is a process that Vettes have gone through for decades. The cars are all loaded with identical analytical equipment. The engineers driving will rotate rides taking notes on each car in addition to the data gathered. At the end of each day, all of that data will be sent to the big GM computer in the sky to compare each bump, corner, shift, rpm, and MUCH more data to the data from each other car. Then the engineers will gather to discuss the Computer reports and their notes. At some point during their trip, - certainly after at least one full rotation of each engineer on each car, they will begin to tweak the handling settings on the ZR1 development cars.

GM' s proving grounds and the Lutzring are some of the best facilities of their type in the world. So why the need for real-world development trips? Because our Vettes are driven in the real world not many test tracks. Test Tracks don't have potholes, dirt, gravel, or traffic ... or a myriad of other conditions our Vettes must deal with every day.

I borrowed these pics from the Corvette Blogger:


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