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Hey guys/gals, hows it going?

Ive got a question about my new Dewitts setup. I got the direct-fit aluminum radiator for my 1980, with the side tank trans cooler. I also got a set of brand new dual SPAL puller fans off flea-bay for a great price, and I got the Dewitt's fan mounting brackets specifically for the dual SPALs.

Ive got everything mounted and ready to drop in the car. The only thing Im wondering is, with the fans mounted on the radiator the fans' shroud rests on the radiator fins. I was wondering if anyone else with this setup has noticed the same thing. I just want to make sure its okay, because I remember back on my stock radiator when I did my Taurus fan conversion I was warned that if the shroud was touching the radiator fins and tubes that when the fans came on the vibrations could wear holes in the radiator and cause leaks.

Is this true? Maybe this setup is secured enough that the fan shroud wont really vibrate...?

Any input would be appreciated. Ive been trying to reach Dewitts for over a week but havent gotten an answer. Ive left messages but havent heard back :huh:
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