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There is no price sheet on Diamond Pistons website.

They use suppliers or select vendors though you can buy direct.

Texas Speed and Performance.
CNC Motorsports.
Ray Barton.
Mancini Racing .

If your just cruising driving the factory cast hyperuentic pistons will be O.K.

The crate engines GM Builds use 4032 alloy pistons.
OK for mild race use.
650 HP Max.
Push further its on borrowed time going to loose a piston.

The street strip 4032 Diamond pistons are a good deal at around $80 each average.

2618 forged alloy is needed for modern day Racing power.
Going to cost $800 -1000 +.
Other special features not found in standard pistons.
Lots of options for Race durability.

Ready to make my order to Diamond pistons early next week.
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