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difference between long tube and shorties?

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Whats the application for either and whats the difference in performance? If I get the job that I am applying for, the first thing I want to do is buy a 03-04 z06 and put some headers on it along with some borla xr1's... thats going to have to hold me over until I can get some cash for a supercharger and cam package :smack

Thank you,
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Headers are tuned to provide an extra power boost within particular target RPM range. This is due to the propogation of pressure/sound waves within the primary tubes and collector. The shorter the header the higher the RPM of the extra power boost. If a header is too short the power boost may come in at an RPM that is above the redline of the engine. At that point the only advantage of the header is its reduced back pressure compared to the stock manifolds. That's the extent of my knowlege
From what I've read on this forum (and not based on personal experience) longer tube headers and metal matrix cats are the way to go. Here are three popular brands, but there are many others:

LG - known for good low and mid-range torque
Dynatech -- mid range
Kooks -- high rpm
Since the ati makes its max boost at max rpm, I should try to stick some high rpm headers on it? :crazy:

Im thinkin Kooks with borla xr1 or straight pipse (not legal is it)?

Like you said though, I dont want to put the power past the rpm limit cuase its uselsee there :laughing:

3/4 kooks complete system with borla straight pipes aught to be mean...
If I plan on adding the ati procharger, I dont know if I should go with 3/4 or 7/8 kooks, any imput?
difference between long tube and shorties?
About 20+hp!
Ive decided that if I get a vette and I want to mod it, Ill just have to do the whole package... I just need to figure out what cam is right for me. I just want it to scare the S%^T out of me from 5k - 7krpm and it would be nice to keep it naturally aspirated.

With a cam that extreme, how do you think it will affect low end torque/driveability?

Linginfelter looks nice but, I think LG is the company to go too :)
Screw N/A, I just saw the KB setup... nice torque curve :thud:
LG is the way to go

I'm a newby to this hello fellow vette owners.

I was having problems with the transmission on my 2003 ZO6. I made a deal with the dealer to R&R the transmission under warranty, but LG rebuilt the transmission and I added a B&M shifter. Wow what a difference. The guys at LG are straight shooters. They are not just trying to sell products. The transmission works beyond all expectations.

I was also confused about the difference between certain headers and the effect a cam would have, but the guys at LG are good at explaining the differences and the effects of modifications. I bet I asked 50 questions, and they all got answered in laymens terms. I should get my Z06 back Thursday with LG Pro Longtube headers, GX3 Cam and a Halltech airfilter...just in time for a trip to Texas Motor Speedway.

In short, call LG Motorsports and ask for Bobby or Anthony.
Thanks for the info! Out of curiosity, have you seen the dyno sheet of your vette?
Dyno Sheet

Not yet. Bobby at LG said he would call me so I can video the dyno test. I'll post the results.
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