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My display has been dim for a few months now and when I do a search here for the fix I find that I keep getting a link to another site.
That's fine and it is a very good read, however, I feel we can benefit from having one here as well so here is mine.
(Junkman, I specifically searched for a thread by you but found none. If you have one out there, we can remove this one)

Tools required:
10mm socket
7mm socket
3/16 socket
Torx 15 screwdriver
Small flat head screwdriver
Solder iron
Solder (may or may not be needed, mine didn't)

A few months back I noticed that the display on my Climate Control was getting dim.
It started on the right side of the display and over time the entire display was dim.
A light tap on the screen would usually bring it back bright but eventually it just stayed dim.
So today I decided to fix it.

1) Remove the sensor cover by the ignition and remove the T15 screw.

2) Remove the 2 T15 screws in the ashtray/lighter area.
One is hidden behind the ashtray.

3) Undo the base of the shift boot.
You don't have to completely remove it from the shifter, just need to be able to manipulate it to remove the console.
(I'm not sure if it is the same for the auto)

4) Lift the console lid so you can remove the Active Handling/Pass Airbag panel.
I've had mine off several times before so it is easy now.
You may need a small flat head screwdriver to pry it up.
It just pops off.
Once it is off, unplug the Active Handling, Airbag light, and Acc power plugs.
Then remove the 2 10mm nuts.

5) I don't know If possible to remove the Radio/Climate Control cover without removing the center console or not.
I remove it because it's easy and gives me lot of room to remove the Radio cover.
Remove the 2 plastic covers from the rear of the console compartment and the the 2 10mm nuts.

6) Lift the rear, slide back and unplug the Fuel Door plug.
Now set it out of the way.

7) Now you can pull the Radio/Climate Control cover back by lifting at the rear by the emergency brake and pulling away from the dash.
You need to unplug the lighter at this point.
I put the shifter in 4th and move the front of the boot up to the top of the shifter and remove the entire cover.

8) Remove 2 7mm screws that hold the Climate Control in place.

9) Unplug the connector from the back of the Climate Control.
There is just the one connection.

10) Now that you have the Climate Control removed, you can move out of the car and into a well lit work area.
Remove 4 3/16 in. screws located on the corners.
Sorry I forgot to take a pic.

11) Remove 4 3/16 in. screws at the corners of the circuit board.

12) Slide the board out and unplug the connection.

13) There are better pics of the bad solder joints but these are mine.
I've read about people having the resistors move on them so I held them down with tweezers and just ran the tip of the solder iron along the edges to melt the existing solder.

14) After the soldering, I put the Climate Control unit back together and placed it back in the car to test it.
Looks like it worked!!

As always, reverse the steps to reinstall everything.
Hope this helps.

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No need to remove yours, mine is contained within someone else thread. I have folks look at the Vette Essentials site to get the HVAC out, and then I provide the picture of the resistors to solder. Here's my post.

Thanks for taking the time to do one though. I know from experience how much work it is to keep stopping and taking pictures! :thumbsup:

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Well that doesnt look that hard...Famous last words :laughing:
I was gonna pay to get mine fixed, but I might as well give this a shot - Thanks for the write up :cheers:

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now to only be able to change the display to red or put a c6 one in lol

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Easy fix, just do it...

This was a really easy fix...thanks for the write ups.
The only thing marginally tricky was the soldering.
I did have problems with the resistors popping up and "tombstoning" during the resolder.
The tweezer push down takes 3 hand but did the trick.
Glad I did this fix.

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[BNice write up. Wish someone had posted one like this when I first go my vette. I sent mine in and someone else do it. Thanks for the great job.
Dave :cheers::cheers:[/B]
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