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My Impala (LT1) didn't shift from 2 to 3 while I was giving speed lessons to my neighbors Z06. I don't know why but I had the 'puter reprogrammed after that. When I saw the tach it was too late. I've read that the opti will not rev over 7200 or some such nonsense. I call BS because I saw 8500. A lifter fell apart and one valve wasn't working so I had a wee miss. I decided to pull the heads and check for damage because I'm running .038 quench. Well, there was no damage to anything other then the lifter so I put it all back together.

Due to a short burst of cranial rectitis (head-in-ass syndrome), I swapped the left and right head. It should have been no problem but the steam pipe holes were now in the front of the engine and the plugs for the holes were in the back. I broke a 1/4" drive breaker bar off in one plug and a 3/8 by 1/4 adapter off in the other plug.

I had to pull the heads and wait a week for the Impala head gaskets. I took this week off to get the car running and now I'm just off. I guess I'll work on the Vette instead. Gotta disable the park/lock solenoid on the shifter. I don't need electronics to tell me to put my foot on the brake before shifting into gear.

Maybe I'll just put the spare engine in the Vette while I'm off. At least the new engine will let me get away from the optispark. I'll probably kill the transmission and rear but that's another day. Just had to vent and share my stupidity. Now I feel better.:D
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