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Do you wave at other vettes?

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I think this is the coolest thing about owning a vette. I don't care if I get one in return it's just knowing that I tried that counts.

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I always wave, and 99% wave back. Today a good looking blonde in a White C5 got my attention and a wave. But she didnt return the wave. She had that "Im to good to wave" look about her. I just had to :laughing:
Yesterday i saw two women driving vettes down the street. i shto them a wave, i got a "im too good for you look" and a "what the he ll are you waving at me for" look. It was quite humorous.
Same here always wavin :buhbye:

Sometimes i found myself waiving at other vettes in my winter beater :D
I'm waving.
I think the weird looks are because the first time vette owners don't know about the wave and are wondering whats going on,
they'll figure it out sooner or later. :)
I always wave. My girlfriend then now wife couldn't figure out how I knew all those Vette owners...........:buhbye: :buhbye:
cruzr said:
I always wave, and 99% wave back. Today
You are lucky indeed in Missouri. Here in South Florida it's probably more like a 25% return wave rate.

I've had other vettes pull up right next to me at a traffic light and not even look in my direction let alone wave.
I pulled into a gas station a few weeks ago in my '67 and there was a guy in a white C5 roadster fueling up. I parked across from him and when I stepped out of my car said "Pretty car you've got there". He just said "It makes ME happy", turned around and comtinued to fuel up his car. A few minutes later he left.
Most of the people driving the newer vettes (C5s) are not enthusiasts and don't care or know about waving.

I don't care...I keep waving.

I think these people should have their vettes taken from them.
No vette! :laughing:

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every one i see i :buhbye:

thought it was the law.:D
i wave :buhbye:
Every time! Sometimes I start to wave when I am in my truck! I have to catch myself though.

I do. But I must say that an occasional C5 owner won't feel the "urge". (No offense to our C5 brethren.)
I always wave and the last two weeks have been bad. 0% return on my waving investment... must be the economy... they are all saving their waves. :laughing:

I got snuffed by a blond hottie last week. She had a guy in the passenger seat so, I'm guessing it wasn't hers and she had no clue. But, I did get the confused/snotty "look" from her.

This morning I was snuffed by a red C4 in need of a serious paint job. Passed him on the highway, we both looked, I waved, he blew me off.

Then yesterday I got snuffed by a black C4 (with ground effects) that also needed a paint job.

This has been a bad month for return waves. :laughing:
I always wave :buhbye:

Today I took a long ride and the only other vette I saw the whole day way a C5. Got a big wave back :cool:
I always wave, wether I get one back or not. :buhbye:

It's the same way with my Harley.
Alway's wave.
Find that the return wave rate with bikes are much higher. :huh:
I try to allways wave but alot of the C4 and 5 owners don't seem to. I don't meet that many C1s on the road around here.
It's part of owning a Vette you HAVE to wave :buhbye:
90EXPVette said:
It's part of owning a Vette you HAVE to wave :buhbye:
I'm sure it states that in the owners manual somewhere. :laughing:
Been 0% lately, saw a few on the way to work this morning, one two tone C4 and 2 C5's, none waved...but got a wave from a Harley, then noticed he was waving at another Harley behind me...LOL, yep felt like a fool. But still waving....
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