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Does anyone know if this model was made or where I could find out?

1995 Corvette ZR-1 Black exterior Red interior 6 spd

Im just curious to whether this was made, i know they made non ZR-1's with that color combo but im not too sure if they made ZR-1's with it.

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Patrick96LT4 said:
I'm sure they did, as for how many, I don't know.

Someone will need to crack open their Corvette Black Book.... :thumbsup:
Black book does not show Exterior/INterior Combo #'s


for 1995 the following ZR1 exterior QTY's were

41-Arctic White
12-Admiral Blue
13-Bright Aqua
31-Polo Green
49-Competition Yellow
140-Torch Red
25-Darck Purple
16-Dark Red
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