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I'm also using Zaino, I use a good chamois and 100% cotton terry towels to dry the car after washing but I don't and never have used towels for waxing/polishing. Instead what I found years ago that works great are these polishing cloths:

You can pick them up at any auto parts store. The yellow one on the right works the best and is the softest. It will not only give you an excellent shine but won't leave any fine scratches, except for the one in the picture here which now has paint on it -lol
Luckily I have an extra one. The white one on the left is also good but I prefer the yellow one because it's durable, super soft and I can throw it in the wash and dryer which actually makes it even softer than it already is, just don't leave it in the dryer long-lol I wash it maybe once every 3 or 4 uses.

The one below is more like a cheesecloth, very soft and also very good to use.

Only downside to this one is, as you might be able to tell from the picture, it's not very durable and you definetly can't throw this one in the wash as I learned. That's why it's all twisted in a ball,
the dryer didn't like it too much -lol.
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