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Don't be a Turkey! Skip the naked body scans and too-close-for-comfort pat downs and DRIVE your car

PFYC wants to help you avoid the funny business at our nation's airports. We encourage you to hop in your car and drive it to your holiday destinations. We want you to consider protecting your headlamps from all the debris out on the roads with our high quality X-Pel headlamp protection kits. We're offering free shipping for one week only to do so.

Use promo code DONTBEATURKEY during checkout to receive free shipping, and have a Happy Thanksgiving. Promo expires 12/1/10

Keep watching our "Current Specials" category starting at 6pm EST on Wednesday, 11/24/10, for constantly rotating special offers. We'll be running this cycle for the entire weekend

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X-Pel Headlamp Protection


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