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Drag Racing with Nittos

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I'm going to try a set of Nitto 555R...305-18 drag radials on stock ZO6 front rims....18x9.5" I have zo6 fenders so it should fit fine. Anyone tried this combination on the back?? I am only going to use this combo at the drag strip. Any comments on the nitto's. I was told to run 20psi in them at the track. Do you think I will need sensors in the rims if they will only be on the car for a few hours?
Thanks in advance for any good advice.
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20PSI is a good number, I cut a 1.73 with BFG's 315's similar to the Nittos. Make sure to get them nice and hot or they won't hook any better than street tires.:thumbsup:
Believe it or not I cut a 1.70 with run flats....took 20 passes at Atco...but I finally figured it out. Probably wasted my clutch in the process:laughing: I'm hoping to get under 1.5???
Thanks for the info:thumbsup:
On run craps? Wowwww thats pretty impressive, what was your 1/4? I know your C6 isn't stock from what I remember in earlier posts:thumbsup:
11.95+/- I don't remember the exact time. Not a very good time considering the mods I have. I suffer with the dreaded wheelhop. Not sure whats going to happen with the drag radials....hopefully I wont "grenade" another rear diff.
The times will get better, wheel hop is nasty, it has never been a problem for me thank goodness. Coilovers will fix your problem, sure you already know though:laughing: With the Nittos I dont think wheel hop would be as bad, hope not:lookinup:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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