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Your Fake News.
Your Customer nearly died in the C5 Corvette you built with your own 2 hands.
A total failure on your part.

When I build an engine for myself & will again soon in early 2019 it will be cable of running flat out for several minutes without failure.
A Road Race Engine.
Put on the street.
I use it to Street Drag Race.
FWIW, you are a hypocrite. For all your Trump this and Democrat that. Here you are knowing the truth and still pushing lies that you know damn well are lies just to advance your agenda. And you preach so hard on hating the democratic party for this and here you are. The new CNN.

You know what happened to that car. I do not have to explain that any further. You are choosing to lie in an effort to make me feel bad. And for that you sir are exactly what you profess to hate so much. WTF?

And you know damn well you are going to spend the next couple decades the same as the last and that trans am will continue to rot away untouched by you. Hell you already tried to convince me you have restored the whole car except for the engine and then you confess you just showed your kids the car for the first time? You, my good man, are very fake news. CNNmechanic. Hows that for a screen name?

A man is only as good as his word. Stop twisting things and offering up what you know is not true. And let's get back to debates that don't involve fantasies and make believe? I mean what side on anyways? Are you some kind of in the closet democrat? I have heard those are the worst kind.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts