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She Asks Seven Questions, Which He Answers Quite Simply.

But Then She Is Speechless After Answering Only One Question From Him

Woman: Do You Drink Beer?
Man: Yes

Woman: How Many Beers A Day?
Man: Usually About Three

Woman: How Much Do You Pay Per Beer?
Man: $5.00 Which Includes A Tip (this Is Where It Gets Scary!)

Woman: And How Long Have You Been Drinking?
Man: About 20 Years, I Suppose

Woman: So A Beer Costs $5 And You Have Three Beers A Day Which Puts Your Spending Each Month At $450.
In One Year, It Would Be Approximately $5400 Correct?
Man: Correct

Woman: If In 1 Year You Spend $5400, Not Accounting For Inflation,
The Past 20 Years Puts Your Spending At $108,000 Correct?
Man: Correct

Woman: Do You Know That If You Didn't Drink So Much Beer, That Money Could Have Been Put In A Step-up Interest Savings Account And After Accounting For Compound Interest For The Past 20 Years, You Could Have Now Bought An Airplane?

Man: Do You Drink Beer?

Woman: No.

Man: Where's Your Plane?
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