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Dual Climate Control Rookie Question

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(I think I originally posted this to the wrong thread...sorry gang...:bang )

Hello All! :excited:

I have been lurking about this forum for quite some time, and I FINALLY bought my first Corvette!! (Only took me 27 years!). I have a 2003 Triple-black Convertible Vette and plan on performing several mods to it. This is probably a rookie question, but here goes...

I just recently had the HVAC replaced on the Vette. I am aware that you have to set the driver's side temperature to above 61 Degrees in order for the passenger's side climate control to be able to be adjusted. The guy that did the work for me on the HVAC says that the MAX temperature difference between the driver's side AC and the passenger's side AC will never be more than 6 degrees. I thought that dual climate meant that I can have my AC on cold, and if the passenger wants heat they can have it - meaning, 2 completely different temps operating independently of one another? Can anyone please clarify this for me? I hate to get "hoodwinked" by the repair guy just because he doesn't know how to calibrate the HVAC:huh:
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the interior air temperatue will eventually be the average of the temperatures from both sides. The dual climate control was initially designed to provide heat or AC to one person and if the other peron doesn't want that direct blast they don't have to have it. Most people are comfortable with ambiant air temp somwhere between 70-80deg, so there isn't a real need to have drastically different air temperatures from both sides.
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