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Duel Mass Flywheel manufactured by Fidanza for the C4 - what was the results ......

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Just checking ...... Has anyone replaced their stock 1992 - 1996 LT1 ZF6sp Duel Mass Flywheel by the one manufactured by Fidanza ???
If so,
What was your experience ... good , bad , indifferent --- would your do it again ??

Thanks for any information
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That is not a dual mass flywheel. That is not even the stock weight for a flywheel. That is simply the same old lightweight aluminum junk with a steel friction surface bolted to it.

This will create 2 conditions in your C4. First and foremost, it will make the car want to stall every time you launch. The reduced weight on the rotating mass means no off the line torque and as soon as the clutch begins to engage the RPMs just get pulled down hard. And so you learn to rev the motor as you let out the clutch. Chonky, but I guess it works. And you'll get used to it.

The other problem with the single mass flywheels on the ZF is the noise. The ZF uses a reverse style clutch that pulls on the pressure plate to release it instead of pushing. Because of the specific design of the ZF the dual mass flywheel was used to help reduce noise. Even if we find a stock weight single mass flywheel to use with ZF we still get a noisy transmission.

"Dual Mass" is exactly as it sounds. It is 2 separate flywheels bolted to each other with a bearing in between. Or that is how it looks and feels anyways. It is designed to provide a backlash cushion to the input shaft of the ZF. Dual Mass has nothing to do with different types of metal. That would be dual metal or dual material.

IF we find a steel flywheel with some weight on it at least the noise will be the only issue we get and we can still have the proper engagement off the line. Here is a link to a 30lb steel flywheel that will bolt up to your C4 and drive your ZF in the best possible way devoid of the proper flywheel.

1994 CHEVROLET CORVETTE McLeod Racing 460260 McLeod Steel Flywheels | Summit Racing
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