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Duel Mass Flywheel manufactured by Fidanza for the C4 - what was the results ......

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Just checking ...... Has anyone replaced their stock 1992 - 1996 LT1 ZF6sp Duel Mass Flywheel by the one manufactured by Fidanza ???
If so,
What was your experience ... good , bad , indifferent --- would your do it again ??

Thanks for any information
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I had a Fidanza light weight aluminum flywheel in my 91 ZR-1 and it was a fantastic upgrade. There was no wanting to stall off the line. As a matter of fact the car revved up faster and improved my 1/4 mile times. They are not junk. The only drawback that some may not like is the rattle at idle with the clutch out. The dual mass flywheel with it's dampening smooths that out.
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