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I recently had my 2008 Z06 dyno'ed
I had a texas speed 440 stroker long block installed
Rwhp was 585hp at 5800 rpm torque 575lbs
my question is this, I asked my tuner about response time,
that is to me how fast in mill sec it took to go from
2000 to 3000 or any other combo like 3000 to 6000
I asked him if there was data to this effect in his
computer. I saw nothing on his graph of motor output
to reflect the time. Am I after something that does not make sense? need some help Ed
If it was on a Dynojet, you can get the file and download software fron Dynojet's website and make your own graphs. Then you can export the data to Excel. That includes the exact time and rwhp/rwtq so you can calculate anything you want.
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