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Dyno tuning results are in!

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Last night i went up to see Howard at Redline Motorsports in Albany, NY and had my car tuned. My first run on the Dyno with Vortex intake and Borla straight pipes put down 344HP/338TQ. He called my car a freak. He usually sees 315 to 320 on "stock" C5's. After some tweaking and fuel changes, I finally ended up with 357HP/365TQ. I was very pleased with these numbers. It was about 87 degrees in the shop and pretty humid out. I could not get a pull with the spray because I am currently empty. I will be going back in the next couple weeks to do a pull with spray.
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Dyno Results

What kind of gain did you see from the actual tuning?
Dyno Tune

OK, sorry about that. I guess I didnt read the results well enough before I asked! Thank for the clear up.
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