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I have had so much fun with this dyno. I have had more Corvettes on it than I can count at this point. We have many of videos of all that posted on our website right here: Dyno Tuning Services
And then there are a bunch more on youtube here: crgman87 - YouTube
So I have decided to make some changes to the way I setup this machine. I do not like the cart with the small monitor and the big PC and all the wires draped across the floor. I have formed a vision and with 3D printing I am empowered to bring my dreams into the land of the real. So I got a piece of nice plywood from Lowe's. Stained it. Hung it on the wall. Ordered a wall mount, an Intel NUC, a 32" tv and took some measurements of the dyno modules. And so far here is what I have come up with. All parts were printed with PETG..

And now the screen is not just bigger but in a much better place..

From inside the car I can look out in front to see the dyno screen over the instrument cluster where I can still see it..

And I apologize for the camera focusing on the dirt on the windshield. I will get a better picture of it.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts