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the old familiar stuffs Part #1052367 is getting hard to find
E.O.S. was discontinued but.....
the new stuff...
(use the drop down menu)
Part 10-106
E.O.S. Assembly Lubricant (1 pint)

its still available if you know where to look, most but not all parts counter guys will know this but youll run into a few who just insist its not available

btw MOLY base lubes are your first and best break-in lube durring the first few minutes

CRANES Super Lube Break-In Concentrate is an anti-wear additive formulated with a high concentration of special zinc dithiophosphate to provide sustained protection against cam lobe and lifter scuffing and wear. This oil supplement is to be added to the engine oil for the initial break-in period after the installation of a new camshaft and lifters.

Part No. 99003-1 -- 8-ounce container
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