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The Associated Press
Published April 15, 2003

WAUSAU, Wis. -- The Easter Bunny is the latest crime victim in Wausau, Wisconsin.

A man dressed as the Easter Bunny told police an unknown man got him in a headlock, punched him three times in the mouth and fled the Wausau Center Mall as children watched.

"Because of the bunny suit, (the victim) didn't get hurt, but it was unusual to get hit this way," police officer Chang Lee wrote in a report of Saturday's incident.

The 29-year-old Easter Bunny, Travis Peterson, described the assault in an interview Monday with the Wausau Daily Herald.

"I was just sitting there in my chair, waving to the kids, and he came up and jumped in my lap and just started hitting my head," Peterson said. "Little fragments of (paint from) the bunny's eye got into my eye, and it's kind of irritating right now."

Police arrested a 21-year-old Wausau man on suspicion of disorderly conduct. The Easter Bunny suspected his assailant was trying to show off for friends.

"Even if he wasn't trying to harm me, he chattered my teeth pretty good," Peterson said. "It was totally uncalled for, and he did it in front of a bunch of kids."
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That dude in the bunny suit is a pussy.....oh wait, any guy in a bunny suit is a bad.
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