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Easy fix... I love good news from DC chief mechanic

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Al says the DC Z should be fixed up quick for the next track event, which starts Saturday.

The click click click and clack clack clack clack I've been enjoying is the result of trashed rear rotors (heat checked/cracked) and one "pulverized" and one destroyed/missing parking brake shoe. And, various material grinded off.

That's what happens when you turn off your brain and leave a gas station with your parking brake on for 10 miles... and screw with the GPS and not even notice the red "BRAKE" light illuminating on the dash. Suddenly you smell burning brake pads... then you hear a "boom" and the Corvette behind you see's a cloud of smoke come out from under the car... then 3000 miles of noise all the way home... and the smell of melted brake pads never leaves the car.

What an amateur mistake. :laughing:
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Way to go Patrick. No one said we ever do any thing the easy or smart way...:laughing: ... looking forward to hearing where your at. And how your doing, wish I was going with you...
If you hadn't left it on it would have blown up at the track, jsut ask Sheriff.:laughing:
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