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I have an 04 c5 corvette with 80k on it and i need a new ebcm.
Does anybody know if GM will cover it or how much they are, maybe were I could get one?
If you have an extended warranty, yes. If not, no. You can check with GM Parts Direct.

They have a link to the left

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Does it need to be replaced or does it just have the TC, AH, and ABS problem? If that is the problem there is a great place that will repair it for WAY cheaper than it would cost get a new one.

Go check out

$158, you take it off and put it back on yourself (takes all of like 30 mins). You can drive the car with out the module on it and the guy overnights it back to you once he has fixed it. I mailed mine to him on a Wednesday.. he got in on a Friday.. I had it back on Tuesday.
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