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I recently picked this car up and I have been restoring it. It's a 1987 C4 coupe.

The guy had a battery disconnect on it because he said it had a bad battery drain.

It had lots of issues when I first brought it home. The starter solenoid was toast and the car would only crank half the time. The cluster had bleached out screens, bad LCD numbers, frozen odometer and completely non functioning speedometer. It had no stereo. And that's just a few of things that were part of the electronics. There were lots of other things acting up but I'm trying to keep focused on the electrical.

I installed new starter and solenoid.

I bought new battery.

I installed new alternator.

I installed aftermarket Pioneer stereo and speakers.

Before I replaced the starter, I noticed when I turned the key to on position, it sometimes took a minute or so before the climate control and radio would power on.

I bought new cluster and I installed it while battery was dead. I am trying to figure out where my short is, but in the meantime I bought a trickle charge battery maintainer and put it on the car for the past week. The rain stopped yesterday for a bit and so I started it up and tested the new odometer cluster. It seems to work nicely. The car started right up and drove fine, but I got warning message saying low coolant, ABS light was on, the stereo wouldn't power up, and the climate control is dead. Has anyone seen this before?

It has new cluster, new starter, new battery, and new alternator.

The alternator was one of first things I installed and these additional issues only showed up after car sat with dead battery for a few weeks. Then I installed the new cluster and the trickle charger. After charging a week during non stop rain storms (it sat under a cover) now it starts with the accessories not powering on. The power windows work. The mirrors work.

Newest symptoms:
Climate control controls have no power when switched to run or when engine is running.
Radio has no power when switched to run or when engine is running.
The Low Coolant warning light came on.
The ABS light came on.

Any help is appreciated.

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Welcome to DC Jim. I'll admit I know nothing about C4 electronics. It's time like that that I appreciate the '60s. You could fix about everything with bubble gum baling wire and a screwdriver and pliers
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