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Engine code/vin help

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ok... I have gotten the engine code/vin off of my 82 vette, but I know this engine was put in at a much later date... say mid to late 90's.
Here is the code:
Any idea Guys? I cannot find this anywhere. It is on a stamp on the right front side of the engine on a tab just in where the water pump bolts on.
Thanks for any and all help.
Bill R.
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i'm away so i dont have access to my computer but it think its mortec that has all decoding info for SBC try googling that
V clode for Flint (Michigan) Engine Assembly Plant

0324 Date engine was assembled (March 24).

DDD Engine suffix. Not a C3 code.

What type of engine is in your car?

engine type

Well... after some searching on the net... found that the engine is really bad. The previous owner blew the original 350 up... then supposedly put a larger engine in it... ha... well that is what he told his wife anyway. He has passed on, so the wife did not know any different. it turns out that it is a crappy 305. I am seeing an engine change in my future!
According to this source,

DDD is a 305 LG4 engine w/Rochester carburetor from 1983. You might want to take a look at the casting numbers to narrow this down a bit more.

In fact, the information that you provided me is too little. If you can provide me with the full VIN code, I can use the vin check service Free VIN Check of your vehicle | VIN Report | VinGurus and check your car. I hope for your soon reply!
Give me the block number stamped on the right side of your engine and I can look it up in my book
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