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......"DO NOT USE A 3 "LEGGER"!!!"
excellent advise I whole heartedly second!

btw Ive got four of that second NORTHERN AUTO style folding 2000lb engine stand in the shop,they are well made for the price!

again......"DO NOT USE A 3 "LEGGER"!!!"

useing an engine stand like this and torqueing head and main cap bolts is almost a mandatory PRE-PLANED accident waiting to happen, I know of several guys injured that way, if you have one like that I strongly SUGGEST you get a 5 foot long section of 2" box steel with casters,SECURELY WELDED OR BOLTED to that center leg to form an (I) for greater stability like this stand

BTWthe (I) section on this stand is shorter than the rear so its to short to give ideal stability
generally engine storage stands do NOT allow the engine to be rotated to work on them and are much too low to allow any usefull work

and at about $70 with wheels and shipping are a bad investment compared to... ONE OF THESE

IVE GOT 4 in my shop and THEY ARE GREAT! and at $79 plus shipping a FAR BETTER DEAL

but if thats what your looking for..

northern tool has them for $35 plus shipping
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